Education on Wheels – Mumbai Smiles Foundation’s Smiling Bus Project

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Smiling Bus Project is contributing towards the empowerment of Mumbai’s Street children

18th November

Smiling Bus Project was launched on 16th October 2019 at one of the project locations call Sham Nagar Bhandup. From the day of launch, Mumbai Smiles Foundation has observed a rise in the number of children attending the LSE sessions and other activities run on the bus.

Under Life Skill Sessions, Mumbai Smiles Foundation has been working on developing the behaviour of the children. This is being done by helping the children develop a positive attitude towards their own life and making them conscious about education.

Secondly, Mumbai Smiles Foundation has been providing nutritious food, which is a key in the all-round development of the child. By providing basic low-cost nutritional food like groundnut, jaggery, eggs, fruits, etc, we help children to not progress into serious levels of malnutrition.

The third component is the Health Clinic. Under this, a doctor will provide basic health check-ups, lifesaving medicine and in any emergency or in critical illness they will get referrals to other hospitals and MSF will take further follow ups and provide support to the children and their family.

In the month of November, a doctor will be appointed for the project and nutritional support will be provided to the children. Currently, we are visiting each location twice a week but looking at the response from the community, it may be possible that our team will spend the whole day at each location for the benefit of the community.

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