The journey of Nacho G. Hermoso

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Travelling to India is the dream of anyone who does not know this extraordinary country. In the case of Nacho G. Hermoso, traveling to India is almost a vital necessity that he repeats whenever he can. Today, we want you to know about the journey of Nacho G. Hermoso, musician, photographer and author of the 2023 Calendar of Mumbai Smiles. From India he sent this chronicle about his trip, just before he visits again and arrives in Mumbai in January to meet and to take photos of our projects.

Chronical of journey

“I never would have imagined that, after saying goodbye to Kolkata for the last time in 2019, three years would pass until our next reunion. Three long years in which the world has experienced episodes typical of the best fiction series: from a pandemic to a war, going through environmental disasters… Situations that have changed our lives forever, in which we have had to learn to adapt to a new world and that, in most cases, have forced us to reinvent ourselves. For years I have had a dream that has been in my mind on a recurring basis: to return to India. In that dream, I have seen myself walking countless times again with my camera through the streets of Kolkata, and I have wondered what it would be like to return after all this time. What would I find? How would I feel? Would I be able to reconnect with the city?”

“My dream came true a few weeks ago. I am writing this text from Kolkata and I only think how lucky I am to be here and to be able to live this experience again. Since my arrival in Mumbai at the beginning of November, the connection with this country has been very present, as I used to feel it. Visiting later to Nepal was not less exciting. Now, back in India, I am aware that many things have changed during this time, places that would never be like they used to be, people who do not exist, things that would never repeat…. But, if this trip is teaching me anything, it is to accept that things change naturally and to understand that we live in a continuous process of adaptation. I’m not the same as three years ago either, I love that it is so and this change has also reflected in my photographic gaze. As Mercedes Sosa sang: ‘And just as everything changes, it’s not strange that I change.’ “

“This year, in addition, Mumbai Smiles has given me the opportunity to photograph some of the projects that it has been developing in India for years. A perfect opportunity to delve deeper into a country that I love and that I consider my ‘second home’. THANK YOU.”

Thanks to you Nacho, and our doors are open to receive you again in Mumbai.

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