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…This fantastic interview is with Chus and with a message: we need hands!

Today we want to introduce you to one more member of the Mumbai Smiles volunteer team. She is Chus Leirachá, a friend of Mumbai Smiles for 7 years and a person who is very involved in devising and organizing new events to raise funds. Do you want to know what her contribution to Mumbai smiles is? She explains it to you!

How long have you been collaborating with Mumbai Smiles and what is your role?

I live in A Coruña I am volunteer of Mumbai Smiles in GAS Galicia since 2016. Throughout these years we have held dance galas, markets and solidarity snacks. However, our star event is the Cocktail, which is now in its fourth edition. We have managed to get attendees to come back every year and also bring their friends!

How did you find out about the organization and what led you to become a volunteer?

I met Jaume in January in 2016. A friend of the NGO encouraged me to go to one of his conferences in A Coruña and his words captivated my attention. That same day I met Noe, the volunteer coordinator in Galicia, who convinced me to become part of the volunteer group. I did not hesitate and gave him my information. Since then, Chus has collaborated intensely in the activities that we organize, which have been many and varied.

Would you like to travel to Mumbai to learn about the projects of Mumbai Smiles?

One of my hobbies is traveling. I have not yet been able to visit India, but I hope to be able to do in near future and visit closely the projects in which I collaborate.

A message for those people who have not yet decided to take the step of collaborating with Mumbai Smiles.

I encourage everyone to volunteer with Mumbai Smiles. Sometimes it doesn’t take much time, you just want to participate. All help is valid. Our group is made up of fantastic people who have a good time participating in the implementation of the events. On an individual level, in addition to making me happy knowing that I can help other people, it has given me personal growth, an improvement in self-esteem and favors empathy, something very necessary in the times we live in.

A big hug!

And another even bigger one for you, Chus, how lucky to have people like you:)

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