Workshops to sow confidence

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One of the main activities of the organization we work with in Kolkata, Goranbose Gram Bikash Kendra (GGBK), in the fight against human trafficking is, prevention and through the Suraksha project we support in this line of action.

This initiative focuses on rebuilding future generations who will be at the forefront of our society. For the same reason we work with youth groups, with more than 150 members from the West Bengal area. Boys and girls from families without resources, aged between 12 and 20 years.

Some have abandoned their studies but want to go back to study and others are already working. We try to support them by offering tools and knowledge that make them feel confident and help them to earn self-confidence to pursue their wishes and also to combat inequality and be active agents in the construction of society; especially to prevent them from falling into the hands of the mafias.

In the last recent weeks we organized different participatory workshops to better understand their situation and interests, but above all to share experiences, which often surprise them by discovering skills that sometimes they do not know and are gifted by. A key part of these sessions is that, although we accompany them in the organization, they are quite self-managed. This fact also gives them great satisfaction to see that they are able to organize things that help them learn.

Through play, this time by comparing plants and animals, we have been able to better understand their interests, and explore self-confidence. These sessions have led some of the boys and girls to open up especially to express their concerns, a fact that allows us to advance in this accompaniment. There have also been boys and girls, much more reserved, who did not want to make any comparison and have participated very little. But it is normal that some people need more time and that is why we have drawn up a plan with the main conclusions of these workshops.

We have observed the importance of defining some rules that help a better development of the workshops, and that help to make more use of the time. It was also decided that relying on drawing was a good thing. So we will take it into account in the next proposals. As well as working communication, which can help a lot to these young leaders of the future.

With your support we will continue working for these future leaders to help them grow.


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