Victims of Human Trafficking feel education is the road to be self-reliant

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Mumbai Smiles Foundation conducted a critical thinking workshop for its beneficiaries at Kamathipura

8th November

Mumbai Smiles Foundation recently organized a critical thinking session for the beneficiaries of the Butterfly Project. The session, which took place at the Kamathipura Centre, was aimed at promoting critical thinking amongst Victims of Human Trafficking and understand their outlook towards life. By focusing on these aspects, the Mumbai Smiles Foundation team aims at working towards improving the lives of these women.

On October 9, 2019, we shared a story of a lion, the handicapped wolf, and the religious individual. The lion works hard to get its food; the wolf expects it will be fed because people will feel pity; while the religious individual will feel that all his problems will be solved by God. However, at the end, the lion is the sole survivor because it depends on itself to survive. While some of the women identified with the wolf, we were pleased to note that some of them wanted to live like the lion.

On October 23, we held a group discussion where the beneficiaries shared their thoughts – both positive and negative. They stressed on the need for education to become self-dependent and owing to the fact that they don’t have a formal education, they are overly dependent on others. Some women want to learn, and to at least be able to read and write which is important for their day to day activities.

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