Smiling Bus welcomes a Doctor on board

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Mumbai Smiles Foundation recently appointed Dr. Naushin Ansari as the project in-charge for the Health on Wheels activity

19th February

On November 18, 2019, Mumbai Smiles Foundation appointed Dr. Naushin Ansari as the in-charge for the Health on Wheels activity, which is part of the Smiling Bus project. Dr. Ansari, with seven years of experience as a healthcare service provider working with NGOs, and a Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine (BHMS), has set up a clinic in the bus for the beneficiaries.

Dr. Naushin conducts basic screening tests and provides primary treatment to the beneficiaries and their families. Special cases where beneficiaries are diagnosed with disorders are referred to the nearby municipal hospitals. Dr. Ansari also provides multivitamin supplementations and deworming medicines to the beneficiaries.

Dr Ansari documents the medical cases using case sheets for children and adults with follow-up sheets. The Mumbai Smiles team purchased key equipments such as a BP Machine, Stethoscope etc, to ensure the bus is well equipped with medical equipment.

With the help of our volunteer Mr. Stavoros, the team develops soft copies of each medical case and updates the data collected on excel sheets. The excel sheets are then uploaded online as google forms to help the Monitoring Department analyse the data.

In the past few months Health on Wheels has identified 4 cases and most of them were suffering from speech disorders and ear infections. The cases have now been referred to the Mumbai Smiles’ Health team for further intervention. With Dr. Ansari being an integral part of the project, Health on Wheels plays an important role in providing health services to underprivileged communities.


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