Independence Day at Mumbai Smiles

 In Mumbai Smiles, Thank You

Last year’s Independence Day at a preschool center.

15th August 1947, the Independence Day of India has a special place in every Indian’s heart. Every year on this day we pay tribute to all those fearless, fierce and bold freedom fighters and the martyrs who fought for freedom taking great risk and at times, sacrificing their loved ones.

This year’s celebration of the Independence Day will be strictly limited to online activities, like sharing drawings or craftworks, all made by the children.

This year is indeed different for all the Indians. Everyone is petrified by an invisible monster, the Covid-19 virus. The rising cases of this infection are testing our patience and the determination to fight back. Amid this pandemic, there will be no large congregations and people would adhere to the basic norms such as wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

However, this year there will be special invitees for the ceremony of the unfurling of the national flag. The nation would pay tribute to all those COVID-19 warriors including doctors, health professionals and sanitation workers recognising them for their noble services in this pandemic.

Previous Independence Day’s celebrations at our preschool centers gathered all the community, specially children. They really enjoy this special day!

In Mumbai Smiles Foundation, we not only respect the hard work and sacrifice done by the doctors and community helpers but also our teachers and team members who stood with our beneficiaries in this hard time without thinking of their personal commitments. We take this opportunity to thank them for their contribution and bravery.

To support the nation we will celebrate this Independence Day at our homes recalling the good memories of last year’s Independence Day that we celebrated with our preschool students in their respective schools. We understand that they are longing to meet their teachers and waiting for a day to enjoy as earlier but we believe that this year, keeping them safe is a way to contribute in this fight.

This year the entire preschool teachers have decided to participate in the ceremony through online medium. On this day they have planned to share some videos in which parents would express their gratitude and children will perform their craft or drawing activities along with their parents. This way we won’t lose on parents and children participation in our events.

We wish safety and sanity to our Mumbai Smiles staff as well as all the visitors who travel across the countries to see us and to contribute to our work every year.

We also thank our donors who have always stood with us in all circumstances and especially in this pandemic despite having personal health and family challenges/priorities.

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