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A few days ago we told you the  story of Begum, a woman from the Satkhira district of Bangladesh, a survivor of human trafficking whom we are supporting through Agrogoti Sangstha, the organization we work with in that country to support victims of human trafficking and prevent more women from having bad experiences like hers’.

Hand in hand with this organization we also work to raise awareness for the community as a whole in order to prevent more girls and women from being exploited by illegal human trafficking organizations. It is within the framework of this line of action that the short film that we present here has been filmed and with which we want to reach as many people as possible, thanks to the collaboration of a local television.

The networking with institutions and local agents is essential to stand against this form of slavery that stalks hundreds of girls from the families with few resources, whose profile is that of the young women with whom we work.

This is the result of your work. Although it is true that reality always surpasses fiction, we are convinced of the usefulness of resources like this one, which can help us to get the message to many more people in a simple and didactic way.

This short film is based on the real events but all the necessary details have been fictionalized to preserve the safety of the person who experienced it in reality. The filming has been carried out within the framework of the project “Strengthening Actions for Prevention and Abatement of Trafficking through Initiating Social Hub (SAPATH)” that we promote jointly with said organization.

You can stand up for Begum and for so many other victims and survivors of human trafficking!


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