Child Safety Awareness rally on the occasion of World Human Rights Day and Child Rights Day

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Several NGOs came together to organize a rally between Sathe Nagar and Mankhurd Police station to highlight the importance of child safety

17th December

On the occasion of World Human Rights Day, a rally was organised by several NGOs at Mumbai’s M East Ward. The rally was organized from Sathe Nagar to Mankhurd police station.

Before the rally, these NGOs organized a meeting to speak about the Child Safety Net Forum that has been established in the presence of all organizations.

The main purpose of the rally was to promote a safe and secure environment for children and highlight grave issues like protection of children from all forms of intoxication, rape, malnutrition, exploitation of children and health issues.

The rally was organized to celebrate World Human Rights on 10th December and Child Rights Day on 11th December. The rally’s purpose was to educate the residents in Mumbai and also inform local police on issues related to child safety.

At this rally, the organizations involved a large number of school children. Information was given through pamphlets and leaflets on various issues related to human rights violation problems faced by children.

NGOs that participated in the rally included Mumbai Smiles Foundation, FPA India, Yuva, Doctor for You, Sankalp Sanstha, Jan Jagruti Vidyarthi Association, Jeevandhara, Bal Adhikar Sangharsh Sanghatan, Ummed, Swayamsadhya Foundation, Bright Future, Khula Aasman and Kotak Education.


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