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Mumbai Smiles Foundation conducted an Interpersonal skills session for Victims of Human Trafficking

23rd January


Mumbai Smiles Foundation, organized a two-day workshop on interpersonal skills, as part of the Butterfly Project for Victims of Human Trafficking, at the Kamathipura Centre. The workshop was intended to educate women on key interpersonal skills and strengthen their abilities to live in a dignified manner.

During the first session, women were introduced to the importance of developing interpersonal skills such as social skills, communication skills, and conflict resolution skills – and their application in daily interactions. The beneficiaries were also educated on verbal and non-verbal skills and gestures, and how the use of these has an impact on both personal and social life.

The second session included a review of what was learnt during the previous session, and a further deep dive into personal interactions and relationships building. The sessions were really helpful in helping beneficiaries understand how to communicate with each other and maintain relationships with family and friends. The women enjoyed the sessions and shared their feedback

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