Administration of Vitamin A and deworming tablets for preschool children

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Mumbai Smiles Foundation’s endeavour towards all-round growth and development of the child.

28th February

On February 13, Mumbai Smiles Foundation organized a Vitamin A, as well as a deworming supplementation programme for 32 preschools across the city. This included 13 preschools from Mumbai Smiles Foundation’s Preschool Education Project and 19 Preschools from the Livelihood Project. Over 700 beneficiaries benefitted from this activity.

The Preschool Education team followed necessary protocol and techniques to administer Vitamin A and deworming tablets to children. Before administration, a representative teacher from each school informed the parents on the benefits of the supplementation in the all-round growth and development of the child.

Vitamin A is necessary for growth. Young children have a special need for vitamin as they go through rapid growth phases. Pregnant women need vitamin A for the development of their unborn child. Women also need vitamin A after birth for themselves and their growing infant.

Vitamin A is vital for eyesight. The transparent part of the eye – cornea, is protected by vitamin A. If there is a shortage of vitamin A, it may be difficult to see in dim light, a condition commonly called night blindness. A severe shortage of vitamin A may result in blindness. Vitamin A deficiency is the leading cause of preventable blindness in children.

De-worming tablets kills the intestine worms that have an adverse effect on the intestines of small children. Thus, deworming improves intestinal absorption of food and builds immunity for children.

At the end of the session, parents of our preschool children were very happy because through this activity the health of their children will improve.

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