A dose of information from Jaume Sanllorente

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We are back with a new informative dose of information from our General Director and founder, Jaume Sanllorente. On this occasion, we are going to review how the third wave has been in India and some important changes in the country such as the reopening of schools.

We point out that at the time we recorded this video, the border measures in India due to the pandemic were very strict, but these days the government has made changes in this regard.

Sanllorente wanted to point out the main points of action of the foundation from the recent weeks. For this reason, he comments on how we are promoting vaccination and other actions have been promoted with respect to health. Without a doubt, one of the strong points of the video is the explanation of the actions we are carrying out in the fight against human trafficking; especially, about the rescue cases, the work expansion in Nepal and Bangladesh and the situation in our shelter for survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, Udaan.

An exercise in communication and transparency, which we carry out with the aim of keeping you informed with the greatest rigor, as we try daily through our different channels and social networks, always with the desire to highlight the impact we are achieving, with the support of partners, collaborating partners and donors and with the determined involvement of the communities with which we work.




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