Quality Check of Roses in progress…

We blogged a few days ago about the making of cloth-roses to celebrate the festival of Sant Jordi in Spain. These roses, which are being handmade by the women of slum communities of our project [...]

212 benefit from General Health Camp

Mumbai being the sparkling, shining city of dreams has slum inhabitation in areas which are considered the hub of posh residences and corporate. One such high end area, which is also being [...]

Jaume’s surprise visit to schools

Our Founder and General Director, Jaume Sanllorente, has been caught up with other members of the management and Board of Director, to modify, approve, cross check and work on the action plans [...]

Visitors’ Comments – Maria & Ixaso

Today we want to share with you the lovely comments of two friends, Maria & Ixaso. Maria and Ixaso visited Mumbai Smiles recently on their trip to India. Coming from Spain, they were very [...]

Ready for Sant Jordi with Handmade Roses!

   The floral time of the year is here! Each year the World Book Day is celebrated in a special and romantic manner in the Catalan part of Spain, in which books and roses are exchanged among the [...]

2nd Blood Test camp for LSE Girls

A few months ago, a free blood test camp was organized for all the beneficiaries of Life Skills Empowerment project. In this test, a few girls were found to have low HB (haemoglobin) levels. Over [...]

Higher Education Last Principals’ Meet

The academic year of 2017-18 is coming to an end and with that the activities of our projects are also concluding. So the educational projects of Higher Education and Girl Child education [...]

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