Awareness through Street Play on Dengue & Malaria

Health is the most important component of human life and access to public health becomes a priority. However the state of public health services in countries especially in India make access to [...]

First group of Pasonoroeste visits Mumbai Smiles

Travelling is full of adventure and life. It opens the mind to new experiences, fresh perspectives and cultivates a sense of sensitivity towards fellow human beings. With so many travel groups [...]

Nazaret & friends visit Mumbai Smiles

At Mumbai Smiles Foundation, we are very grateful for the generous dose of love, help, and the contributions given to us by our friends, well-wishers, donors, partners, member organisations and [...]

First Response to Emotional Gifts 2017!!

It is time for sending our BIG thank yous to our donors and collaborators from Spain, to all those who have supported us all these past years of our action in the slums of Mumbai. For this, like [...]

270 School Children screened for Eye Ailments

Right to Health is an inclusive and integral right which means that every individual regardless of their age, gender, class, caste, and socio-economic background, should avail of and benefit from [...]

Festivities have started!

It is time for the biggest Indian festival – Diwali. A festival of farmers, of new harvest, of new year and of new beginnings, Diwali is the time for vacations across India and so our Preschool [...]

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