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In the end of 2021 we spoke about returning home of a young women who participated in the program promoted in collaboration with the Chhori in Nuwakot, to prevent them from falling into the hands of human trafficking networks and ending up being sexually exploited.

Well, we start 2022 and we are happy to announce that a new group of 10 girls has started their stay in Nuwakot and during the next few weeks, until March, they will be participating in all the activities designed so that: they are aware of the danger of falling into the hands of these mafias and their ways of operating; learn different skills that allow them to develop a profession, once they finish these weeks of training; they will develop to the maximum and when they would return to their own path they would get involved with their communities to spread the values and learning.

A few weeks ago, the last group of girls participated in a three-day “Transformation of an idea of being a woman” workshop. Often, being a woman, minor and poor which is a high level of discrimination is adding to the backpack of burdens. What was sought with this workshop is to value what it means to be a woman and the value and strength that this can have, especially if you work to break with the frameworks that discriminate since the time immemorial. For this, the technique of drawing, painting with colors and sculptures was used above all to capture feelings, emotions and the responses and comments to the different topics that were discussed. Information was also offered on how to take care of oneself and self-knowledge and also the relaxation techniques were explored.

The contents were varied. From what menstruation implies and how they live it, to the role of women in the family and in their communities. Dreams and future projects also had their moment. Opening up and sharing all this, which we sometimes keep inside, is the basis for building a solid network of women who are aware of another perspective and that they are not alone in moving forward in life.

They ended the sessions by celebrating being a woman with a cake, and they really enjoyed it!

Well, 10 other girls will have the opportunity to participate in activities like this. Soon we will tell you all the details!

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