When are we meeting again, teacher?

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Amid the lockdown, our teachers ensure they speak with our beneficiaries from the pre-schools in the community so there is a minimum follow up of the academic curriculum and every day the call ends with this innocent question being raised by our tiny dreamers, “When are we meeting again teacher?” To keep their enthusiasm alive we assure them that we shall be meeting soon, only hoping deep inside that the COVID19 pandemic ends soon.

In these times of uncertainty, it is these very innocent smiling eyes giving us strength to follow our dreams and strengthening our belief that soon our preschools shall re-open and our silent classrooms shall be filled with giggles and laughter.

The preschool centres have been offered to the BMC these days for any emergency used and, since the start of the lockdown, our team has conducted a total of 6788 calls to the families until today in order to stimulate the learning abilities of the kids.

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