When studying is in danger

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2,000 km from Mumbai, in the Sundarban delta area (West Bengal), lives Soumita. This area is the largest mangrove forest in the world and forms the confluence delta of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna in the Bay of Bengal.

Although the area is very beautiful, life is not so beautiful for this young woman who loves to study. Soumita lives in a small town where there is very little economic activity, so her parents have had to go to work in another state in order to offer a future to her daughter, who now lives with her grandparents.

Soumita misses them a lot, especially her father, to whom she feels very close because he has always taught her many things about the land where she lives. A land that she loves, but in which she does not feel safe.

Our friend has to go to the neighboring town to study. And those roads are not safe, the possibility of being kidnapped by trafficking networks is high. This high school student participates in the projects of the GGBK organization with which we work to prevent human trafficking in this area of ​​India. Despite all her difficulties, she is a young leader in her community and she has a clear goal: that boys and girls can study close to home, avoiding danger and at the same time offering them opportunities for the future.

Can you help her make this possible?


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