We renew our commitment with the Global Compact for one more year

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At Mumbai Smiles, sustainability is part of the values ​​that portraits the action that we promote from the Foundation, which is why we adhered to the United Nations Global Compact, since 2012. The Global Compact is the largest initiative in terms of sustainability led by the ONU.

In order to renew our commitment, we have prepared a report with our actions aimed at the objectives of the Global Compact, which has recently been evaluated and accepted by said institution.

The main mission of the Global Compact is to create a global movement of sustainable companies and organizations to achieve a fairer and more equal world. With this objective, the Ten Universal Principles have been established as a framework for action and reference, in which companies and organizations align their operations and strategies to comply with these principles.

Thus, the Ten Universal Principles have as main lines the fulfillment of Human Rights, labor standards, protection of the environment and anti-corruption. At Mumbai Smiles we renew for the third time our commitment to the implementation of different actions to comply with and disseminate the provisions of the Global Compact.

We are convinced that the world can be a much better place and being part of networks that work for it, is essential. We have to bet on measures that promote positive changes, in this way, we can fulfill our vision of achieving a world free of poverty in which all people enjoy freedom, Human Rights and a dignified life.

Without a doubt, social responsibility is our firm commitment.



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