We present a chapter 1 of “a smile in the backpack”

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Chapter 1 “A smile in the backpack”

In the last conversation between mother and daughter in this chapter, they perfectly portray the reality of Mumbai: “A city full of life and unjust lives.” A city in which Mumbai Smiles has been working for eighteen years to combat poverty and human trafficking. Ana and María’s journey makes sense with the reality. Today we present the first chapter of “A smile in the backpack”. A documentary about the reality of human trafficking starring Ana Duato and María Bernardeau.

In this first chapter, Ana and María prepare to travel from Madrid to Mumbai. They tell us about their nervousness and the excitement of starting the trip and their first impressions upon landing in India. The first contact they will have with the work of Mumbai Smiles is the Smiling Bus, a bus that travels around the city to bring education and health to disadvantaged communities.

The vlog series “A smile in the backpack” delves into a problem, human trafficking, that the actress Ana Duato and her daughter María Bernardeau have seen with their own eyes and tell us about it in the first person.

You can see all the chapters in our Youtube Channel.

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