Udaan: happy anniversary and happy Diwali!

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Diwali is a festival of lights and a day when the good wins over evil. For Mumbai Smiles this festival brings joy and happiness in the team. We shrug off the fatigue of all the work we do and get together to appreciate each other’s efforts and to get recharged for the next endeavour.

This Diwali has added more colours to Mumbai Smiles because of our new family members of Udaan centre. This 1st November we completed one year successfully and have started supporting the dreams of 6 women who are determined to fight against their dark past and ready to look forward to their bright future. Our youngest charm has maintained the liveliness of this centre as well.

Our Udaan family was preparing for this day for the last month. Their enthusiasm has brightened the entire Udaan centre. These are the women who have encouraged us to get our new objective and support women who have been suffering from sexual exploitation and are struggling to get a dignified life.

On this day, all our team members gathered in the Udaan centre. Our Smiling Bus also witnessed this beautiful day. The smiling faces had energised the entire atmosphere.

The celebration started with a warm welcome by our Udaan family and later with a welcome speech from Mental Health Analyst, Pragati. In this speed she threw some light on all the activities and improvements that the Udaan home has witnessed to.

Being enthusiastic participants all participated in cultural activities which added positive energy in the atmosphere.

Diwali celebrations cannot be completed without gifts. Therefore, all the invitees were given earthen lights painted by the Udaan family members.

The celebration ended with the delicious food and music. We all wished for the brighter future of Udaan and prepared ourselves to welcome the new opportunities.

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