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The Solidarity Auction for Ukraine has ended, but not our commitment to the situation of displaced people and those vulnerable to being trafficked in this war. We want to thank all the people and companies that have participated in this action, with which we have raised a total of 2,247 gross euros.

The Solidarity Auction for Ukraine has had the support of well-known people (Pedro Almodóvar, Judit Mascó, Rozalén, Chenoa, Felipao, Saúl Craviotto, Ana Duato or Alejandra Rubio). But also from many other individuals who have helped us mobilize resources since the beginning of the emergency campaign to care for the most vulnerable people in this war: women and children.

We take this opportunity to also thank all the companies that have collaborated with us in this emergency, such as the following:  Fundación Manuel Lao, Trac Rehabilitació d’Edificis, Catawiki, InterPur Chemicals y  Backstage Estetica y Belleza.

In addition to this, thanks to donations in kind such as hygiene products, clothing, electronic devices and school supplies, we have been able to contribute to meeting the needs of the refugee families that we welcome in Catalonia. For this reason, we also appreciate the collaboration of: Tendam, ALE-HOP, Farmàcia Beatobe, Vasco Electronics y Dim Brands International.

Thanks to all of you because we have been able to:

  • Organize two humanitarian transfers of almost 30 people each, the first to Barcelona through host families, and the second to Madrid, where we were already able to participate in the reception protocol established by the public administration.
  • Maintain support for families currently sheltered in Catalonia and those that the organization takes care of, in order to cover their needs. For which we continue to collaborate with companies.
  • Carry out distributions and donations of food and other essential goods at the Krakow stadium (place where a temporary center for displaced persons had been set up). We also distributed toys to a group of 25 boys and girls sheltered in a school in the town of Oswiecim.
  • Participate and coordinate a warning and alert system with the Polish authorities, informing the displaced population about the dangers that this situation entailed, from the point of view of human trafficking.
  • Finally, we are weaving work networks to be able to advance in the peaceful fight against trafficking with this global vision that we consider our mission requires.
  • Specifically, with several Ukrainian NGOs specialized in fighting human trafficking, which we are going to support both in assistance to displaced persons and in the prevention and warning of trafficking situations.

From Mumbai Smiles we have mobilized these resources and fundraising actions with two fundamental objectives: to attend to the basic needs of the displaced population and to help prevent, detect and report cases of human trafficking. That is why we will continue to fight peacefully against human trafficking wherever it is necessary, because if this scourge knows no borders, at Mumbai Smiles we will build bridges to act against it.

With your support we can achieve it!. Thank you!

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