Stress management through games

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Mumbai Smiles Foundation recently conducted a stress management workshop for its beneficiaries from Kamathipura center under the Butterfly Project

6th December

Stress management is an integral part of the work done by Mumbai Smiles Foundation, particularly when it comes to managing the lives of the Victims of Human Trafficking. These individuals have endured hardships that are too gruesome to even comprehend, and it’s our job to ensure that they manage their stress and focus their anger and fears in a way that doesn’t harm them. Keeping this in mind, Mumbai Smiles Foundation team organized a stress management workshop at the Kamathipura Center on October 7 and 21, as part of the Butterfly Project. The purpose of this workshop was to help the beneficiaries acquire the coping skills and mechanisms, as well as inculcate healthy habits amongst Victims of Human Trafficking

The first part of the workshop that was held on October 7 explained the meaning of stress and how it affects the human body both physically and mentally. Conditions such as headaches, mental illnesses, diabetes, hypertension and obesity were also discussed as some of the side effects of stress. The sessions were conducted with games involving balloons and a glass of water. Participants were made to blow balloons and save their blown balloons from being burst by other participants. The other game. The other game that involved a glass of water showcased various levels of concentration amongst beneficiaries. They were made to hold a glass of water in their palm and see how long it lasted.

The second session was conducted on 21st Oct 2019 at the Kamathipura center. The session was a brief discussion on how to manage stress in a healthy way instead of addiction. Women also shared their experiences on how to overcome stress by using healthy methods such as listening to music, sharing problems with near ones, and even meditating

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