Prevent falling into trafficking networks: the story of Kaira

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Prevent falling into trafficking networks: prevention

Kaira’s story is similar to many of the ones we have told you. But in this case, it seems that we have arrived in time to prevent her from falling into the networks of trafficking and a brutal situation of exploitation.

Kaira was born in a family of five, in Moutla Union of Kalinganj Upazila of Sathira District, Bangladesh. The daughter of a fishmonger, she lived in a situation of extreme poverty, so she could not study and so she was married off very young. Despite the wedding, nothing changed. Her husband was a fisherman and they had two children, and the house was little more than a shack. They went through a lot of hardship to cover the family’s basic needs, but when her husband got sick everything got worse. The days began with nothing to eat.

That’s when Kaira started going from house to house asking for help and/or some work. Her greatest despair was not being able to offer education to her children. And this is the moment when Mumbai Smiles intervened. Kaira does not receive any aid from the State, and this is the first action: start the procedures to gain access. From now on we will be by her side to be able to offer information on how trafficking networks operate to avoid falling for their false promises and deceptions that lead to brutal situations of exploitation.

We are going to do it for her and for her children so that they have opportunities for the future.

And we will do all this with your support:  #breakwithtrafficking

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