New informative video of Jaume Sanllorente from Krakow, Poland

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On March 20, Jaume Sanllorente, our General Director and founder, sent us this video from Krakow, where we have mobilized resources since the beginning of the month to help prevent an increase in cases of human trafficking among people seeking refuge and fleeing the horror of war.

In the first place, we are working to alleviate the needs of the people who arrive at the Krakow central station and thus try to minimize the vulnerability that can lead them to become victims of human trafficking and exploitation networks, especially women and children.

Second, we are offering information so that people who need to continue travelling to reach a safer place and with guarantees. With the same objective, we have already organized two humanitarian transfers of almost 30 people each, the first to Barcelona and the second to Madrid.

In the first case, we have had foster families and in the second we have already been able to participate in the reception circuits established by the public administration. We are working in coordination with local authorities both in Poland and in Spain.

Thirdly, we are weaving work networks to be able to advance in the peaceful fight against human trafficking with this global vision that we consider this mission requires.

All of this is possible undoubtedly because of all those people who are supporting us, organizations and companies that are members and collaborators of Mumbai Smiles who, with their contributions and commitment, help us move forward. An urgent breakthrough lies in the end of this war, because peace is the only way to have a fairer world.

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