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Music is food for the soul. Music calms us down, relaxes us, empowers us, makes us dance! But it is also a powerful transmitter of messages. With the theme “Break the chain” (break the chains) Melissa Sanley and Mumbai Smiles want to convey a message of strength and support to victims and survivors of trafficking. And also encourage everyone to join the fight against trafficking.

At #MumbaiSmiles we always defend that the sum of small gestures can result in a big change. For this reason, today we propose TWO small great gestures to end the week:

Listen, download and share this song “Break the chane” on Spotify or youtube. Don’t forget to add #rompeconlatrata and #breakwithtrafficking on your social networks!
Help us rescue 20 girls from sexual exploitation

In this video, Melissa herself tells you: Thank you for your committed art!

Melissa Sanley is an extraordinarily talented singer-songwriter. During the preparation of her recent album, she contacted Mumbai Smiles to propose an idea. She wanted to draw attention to a problem that she finds particularly indignant: human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Thus was born “Break the chain” (break the chains). A song that talks about the slavery that human trafficking entails, about the rights that are denied to people who are trapped in this situation. But it also speaks of hope, of a better future and of joining efforts to end this scourge. For Mumbai Smiles it is a joy and an inspiration to have this message made with music and art. For this reason, we invite you to download or listen to the song “Break the chain” by Melissa Sanley and to collaborate peacefully to eradicate human trafficking by collaborating with our #breakwithtrafficking campaign.

Again, thank you Melissa for your talent and your commitment to Human Rights.



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