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As we have recently told you, our projects can now be revisited , and thus can know about the reality of the communities where we conduct these projects, with whom we work to build a fairer world. Today, we are happy to share an experience about one more visit.

Last month we started our visits to projects with our first visitor Ivan Medina. We hope to be able to show you soon a fantastic video that he is preparing to share his experience. After this visit, soon we received one more request from our today’s visitors, Abhishek who lives in Barcelona and his father, Himanshu who lives in the United States, who wanted to do volunteer work for Mumbai Smiles. However, as you know Mumbai Smiles do not work with international volunteers and we encourage local volunteers.

Therefore, he decided to visit our projects in Mumbai and help us from Spain.

Abhishek wanted to see where we work and how we conduct our projects every day since he has contributed financially in 2018. This summer, he was on an India trip to visit his family, friends and to explore India. Therefore, he took this opportunity to meet us in the field.


Before the visit to our communities where we work, Abhishek had a lot of questions in his mind such as where do these kids live, where do their parents work, why are they here in Mumbai? We are glad that he could spend enough time with us to see our preschools and meet our beneficiaries in his own presence here in Mumbai to understand how they live here.

We visited Chheda Nagar and Deonar preschools with Abhishek and Himanshu who wanted to understand our objective and meet our #MumbaiSmiles family.

They were quite surprised to see how these people lack understanding of the importance of education in their life. Abhishek was taken aback by the view of Deonar dumping ground and how families live next to that. At the end of the visit, he expressed his wish to contribute to our work in any way that could be possible.

Thank you, Abhishek and Himanshu for visiting us.

You can also visit us again!

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