Inspiring Students through Artistic Painting

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Art Designing and Painting of Shivajirao Shendge Vidyalay’s Classroom

15th March

Schools are now evolving into institutions that are open to providing platforms for students to express their creativity. Mumbai Smiles Foundation in its endeavor to support the personal growth and development of adolescents, organizes diverse sessions and workshops on extra-curricular activities for their partner schools.

A themed painting activity was organized at Shivajirao Shendge Vidyalay, where students painted their classrooms with innovative designs to encourage creativity and educate students with basic knowledge. Our painting team comprised of a mix of individuals – students, school staff, Spanish Collaborators – Rafa Muñoz, Emma Vernhes, Arancha Covian and Mumbai Smiles Foundation field coordinators. The following themes were illustrated through paintings – Designing a ‘World map on the Wall’, Words of ‘Recycling of Wet Waste & Dry Waste’ & Designing ‘Sea Waves’.

The newly designed classrooms were a refreshing sight for the school’s students. Seeing the positive effect of the colourful classrooms on students’ interest to study in the classrooms, the school decided to paint the rest of the classrooms.

Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change. We hope this expression of art inspires the students of Shivajirao Shendge Vidyalay to discover their creativity potential.

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