If India Paralyzes, the World Would come to a Halt

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In late April 2021, the second wave of COVID-19 began to hit India badly. A year back, in March 2020, surprisingly the consequences of the pandemic in terms of health for the Asian country, were mild (remember that India has a population of 1,366,417,754 people). And not because of its socioeconomic consequences, due to the harsh lockdown that was decreed at that time.

But now, the pandemic is hitting hard and the situation is alarming. The new infections do not stop breaking records; the Indian health system has collapsed, with a great lack in hospitals of essential materials to face crises such as oxygen, medicines or beds. In this way, the work of health workers is increasingly difficult and saving lives is really very complicated. The land of a thousand colors is drowning, thus turning into a black and white country, in which life and death look into each other’s eyes at every moment.

It is now more than ever when India needs help. It needs support from organizations, governments, entities and people, but also, and a lot, from companies. What is happening can reverse in many other parts of the world. It is now when it is necessary to show that the world has no borders and that we are all the same person.

From Mumbai Smiles we already have different collaborations with companies: financially, for raising-awareness and marketing with a cause or simply being a speaker of the situation (you can see more forms of collaboration here). Different types of diverse companies that understand the situation and do not want to look the other side. To all of them THANK YOU, but we need to be more!

Your support is essential for the country of a thousand colors, to have that same thing again: COLOR.

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