Hairdressing workshop in Nuwakot

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The rural areas of Nepal are the top spots for trafficking networks to target girls and women who will later be transferred to red neighborhoods such as that of  Kamathipura to be sexually exploited.

It is estimated that more than 500,000 people become new victims of trafficking each year around the world. One every minute. Most of them are caught to be sexually exploited. According to recent studies, the pandemic and its socioeconomic consequences have only contributed to increasing these figures. In Mumbai alone, 400,000 women are victims of trafficking and sexual exploitation. 180,000 of them are minors

From Smiles of Bombay we work to prevent more girls from poor rural areas like Nuwakot in Nepal from falling into the hands of the mafias. And we do it through the SAHAS project promoted by Chhori. This offers training to groups of ten girls for three months and also training and knowledge so that they know their situation and these dangers, but above all so that they develop their capacities to the maximum and can pursue their dreams.

One of these activities is hairdressing workshops. These begin with a theoretical session and are extended with practices for a week. During the practices, the participants serve as models in turns while their classmates learn the different techniques, such as the cuts in u or in v, that the teacher prioritizes and also the technique of hair removal with thread.


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