Digital educational project for lockdown times

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Amidst Covid 19 lockdown Daniel, one of the donors and friends of Mumbai Smiles Foundation suggested us to connect with Slam Out Loud (SOL: ) an organization who works for underprivileged children to help them express their art.

This organization together with Tamuku Alerts have developed a digital platform for kids between 8 and 16 years who are stuck in their homes without any access to educational resources and have limited internet facilities. Within this platform, the kids can do artistic activities and games such as Listening to my body, Reflection with Warli art, The art of visual arts, The art of poetry, Superhero you!, The art of storytelling etc.

These resources are available in Hindi and English. Children receive these tasks through a daily WhatsApp alert and then our LSE (Life Skill Empowerment) team receive the children’s works and upload them in the project’s web page.

Mumbai Smiles Foundation has successfully introduced this platform to our 20 beneficiaries boys and girls, with the aim of helping them to find their creativity and to build mindfulness, something so important for children and adolescents while stuck in their homes during this pandemic.

Through these activities they can express their art and explore their hidden talents. So we thank Slam Out Loud and our dear friend Daniel.

Sample of an artwork created by one of our beneficiaries in the Tamuku Slam Out Loud Project.

Sample of an artwork created by one of our beneficiaries with the Tamuku Slam Out Loud Project.

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