Access to Education for Street Children

The children of homeless families live in dramatically precarious life conditions with bleak prospects. In Mumbai Smiles we use education as an alternative to help them achieve real expectations for a decent life.


Mumbai Smiles Foundation offers children from homeless families in Govandi, the opportunity to study primary education at Shivajirao Shendge School, through grants and material support. The programme also contributes towards improving the educational level, providing learning material, and organizing workshops and courses on learning techniques and other matters that may interest students and the education community in general.

The project also organizes training sessions for the families and the teachers with individual tutorial sessions to design each student’s learning pathways and help them fully develop their skills.


In 2010, grants and learning materials were distributed under the “Future Smiles” project, which later on was called “Higher Education”. This project works with secondary or university students from low socio-economic backgrounds, so that not a single student is deprived of the right to study for economic reasons. The project has reached more than 1,300 secondary and university students

In 2014, together with the previous project, the Girl Child Education project was launched. This initiative was aimed at facilitating improved access to primary education for young girls. More than 800 girls were helped through this project, with access to grants and learning material. In 2018 the project “Girl Child Education”, served as an implementation reference for all our teaching actions.

As for the “Life Skills Empowerment” project, young students developed positive behaviour patterns to help them effectively confront the challenges and demands of daily life as well as obtain maximum performance levels. Over 350 students have benefitted from this project since its launch in 2014. The project does not exist independently, and has become a part of our teaching initiatives.


Since 2018 we have been working with the Shivajirao Shendge School located in Govandi. During the 1st year the project supported 30 students.

Students have received support through grants and learning materials. They also participate in life skills empowerment sessions, where they imbibe learning techniques, specific abilities and skills for their personal and academic development. Other workshops and sessions address issues like childhood rights, sexual abuse of minors, life skills and addictions, among others.

students supported with grants and learning material kits
school bus
students have participated in the Life skills empowerment sessions