Bergner Europe continues promoting our preschool education project

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Bergner Europe, company with more than 20 years of experience dedicated to the production and sale of household items, continues with its commitment to support our projects related to various Sustainable Development Goals, among others, with SDG 4 is related to all girls and Children who should receive a quality education.

That is why we thank Bergner for their continuous support, since They have been collaborating with Mumbai Smiles for more than six years to promote preschool education and help us prevent cases of child trafficking and exploitation, and allow minors to lead a life in accordance with your age; and above all that they can aspire to break the vicious circle of poverty through education.

The academic year 2022-23 is about to end in Bombay and their contribution during the last year has allowed 50 boys and girls to attend classes, and receive, in addition to education, health check-ups and the protection of being in a safe environment as well as where they can have fun.

From Mumbai Smiles we continue with this project to promote that more and more boys and girls, who live in the disadvantaged communities with which we work, can escape their harsh reality and prevent themselves from falling into human trafficking networks.

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