The Manuel Lao foundation has renewed their collaboration with Mumbai Smiles

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We welcome the month of September with happy news and that is about the Manuel Lao Foundation. They are going to renew their collaboration agreement with us.

The Manuel Lao Foundation has been supporting us in recent years by fully financing several projects such as the project to prevent human trafficking in rural areas and the rent of a bus to support refugees from Ukraine.

In 2023, they want to continue their collaboration in a new project to prevent gender violence and to support its victims. Thanks to their financial support with which we are going to achieve this:

Raise awareness about gender violence and how to prevent it among beneficiaries of our area of intervention.
Provide guidance and advice to victims of gender violence with the support of public and private entities in our area of intervention.
Build networks and synergies with other entities, NGOs and specialized police forces.

We will reach 1,134 adults and 730 minors, who will increase the awareness of gender violence.

We are proud to continue with this collaboration agreement and we will continue working to eradicate gender violence in any of its forms, so that women and their children can achieve a dignified, free life with better opportunities.


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