We renew the collaboration contract with the GCR GROUP

 In Company, Empresas

We would like to give a new information on behalf of  our allies and this time it is from the company GCR GROUP, which once again confirms its support for the work of Mumbai Smiles.

With this alliance, GCR Group reinforces its social commitment by annually supporting our Access to School project to prevent human trafficking of 80 children and young people.

Thanks to your contribution and the collaboration agreement that we have signed at Mumbai Smiles, we will be able to provide financial support and educational materials. In addition, we will provide life skills sessions to help them successfully to face their daily challenges and increase their chances of having a dignified and fulfilling life.

This component also includes content specifically related to the risks of falling into human trafficking networks and holding awareness talks and providing information about the tools that exist to prevent this from happening.

We are very happy to continue this collaboration agreement and we will continue working to eradicate human trafficking.


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