Access to school

This project provides scholarships and extra-curricular activities and counselling to facilitate access to primary education for children aged 6-14 years in the slums of Kamathipura and Khetwadi, as well as in the Govandi area (Mumbai). The programme also promotes training sessions for their families and teachers.

Education is a powerful tool to improve the future prospects of these children, marked by inequality and lack of opportunities. Mumbai Smiles has been committed to this approach since its inception. As early as 2010, it began distributing scholarships and school materials, with the project “Future smiles” (later called “Higher education”). In 2014, in parallel to the previous one, the “Girl Child Education” initiative was launched, aimed at promoting the incorporation of girls into primary education through scholarships and school materials. And the “Life Skills Empowerment” project aimed to equip young students with positive behavioural habits to help them cope in their daily lives and get the most out of their studies.

Education and empowerment
All this background has led to our specific commitment to supporting access to education for the most disadvantaged groups. Since 2018, we have been working with Wilson High School, located in the Khetwadi neighbourhood, and Shivajirao Shendge School, in the Govandi neighbourhood.

These students have been supported with scholarships and school materials. They also participate in Life Skills Empowerment sessions where they learn study techniques, skills and abilities useful for their personal and academic development. Other workshops and sessions address topics such as children’s rights and child sexual abuse; life skills; and addictions, among others.

students supported with scholarships and school material kits
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