Awareness & Education for Development

Acción Responsable

Responsive action

For Mumbai Smiles it is important for people visiting India as tourists to gain a different perspective of the city of Mumbai, and to get a closer look at the reality of the slum communities we work with. Our teams accompany travellers to learn how these communities are working for social change, fighting poverty and equal rights and opportunities. We also give advice on how to relate to the beneficiaries of our projects as equals and avoid condescending or sympathetic attitudes.

Community Awareness

Community awareness

We organise activities with the communities we work with in Mumbai to reflect, raise awareness and promote change. We focus on relevant international days, such as Women’s Day, Anti-Trafficking Day, Children’s Day and Human Rights Day. We carry out awareness-raising days in which we offer tools to tackle different social problems.


Smiling schools

We bring the reality of children and young people in Mumbai closer to the schools in Spain. This is an initiative of exchange between schools through workshops and joint activities to raise awareness, disseminate and train on Human Rights, Children’s Rights, the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and Cooperation for Development. To do this, we involve the entire educational community with different activities through educational materials and workshops on these subjects.



We organise activities such as talks, workshops, exhibitions and leisure events to raise awareness of the reality in which we work and to gather support for the cause that unites us: the peaceful fight against poverty. We adapt the characteristics of these events to the necessary context: face-to-face or virtual events, small or large format, and always for all audiences.



Through our different awareness-raising campaigns, we promote responsible citizenship, awareness of human rights and inequalities, and we propose tools so that each person or group can contribute to generating sustainable changes and transforming futures. We carry out these campaigns based on the participation of civil society, alliances with different agents and promoting diversity, inclusion and the women and children rights.

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