A fundamental part of Mumbai Smiles’ work is to make society aware of the situations we are fighting against in a peaceful way. Our mission as an organisation is to make these problems known in an understandable way to all audiences and to propose ways to respond to them.

We are sensitive to the different contexts and realities that give rise to these problems, and we are also proactive in the way we deal with them. That is why, with our campaigns, we propose impactful responses so that citizens can join the cause we defend.

Through our different awareness-raising campaigns, we promote responsible citizenship, awareness of human rights and inequalities, and we propose tools so that each person or group can contribute to generating sustainable changes and transforming futures. We carry out these campaigns based on the participation of civil society, alliances with different agents and promoting diversity, inclusion and the women and children rights.




Human trafficking is a form of modern slavery that continues till this day in many countries. This campaign, #EndHumanTrafficking, aims to raise awareness about this terrible problem that violates the human rights of thousands of girls and women. We work for the prevention of trafficking, and also for the rescue and rehabilitation of victims. Through this campaign, we want to mobilise resources in order to continue acting along these lines. The ultimate goal of this campaign is to ensure that the women we work with, who cannot show their faces because they would be exposed to even greater victimisation, will one day be able to show their faces freely and without fear.

Former model and businesswoman Verónica Blume is collaborating as an ambassador for this campaign.



One of the causes of poverty has to do with inequality, which starts from the first years of a person’s life, and especially in their educational environment. In India, inequality also has a strong gender-based component, whereby girls are much more likely to experience poverty simply because they are girls. The GIRL campaign aims to provide girls and adolescents from impoverished backgrounds in Mumbai with access to quality education so that they have the same opportunities as everyone else: the right to a life of dignity and freedom.

In 2019, this campaign received the Corresponsables Award for the Best advertisement in the written press.

In this campaign we had the support of Leticia Dolera, Verónica Blume or Manuela Vellés, who collaborated to make visible the inequalities that girls have to face in India.