Artistamente is collaborating in our fight against human trafficking

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January is a month of beginnings and to introduce someone: this January we welcome the company Artistamente that supports Mumbai Smiles in the fight against human trafficking.

Artistamente is a platform dedicated to providing invoice and Social Security registration services for artists, and demonstrating that we can all do a lot in our daily lives to build a better world, they have decided to donate 1 euro for each artist who has worked with them.

An original option to carry out a collaboration that has brought together a total of 4,000 artists, therefore 4,000 euros that will allow us to multiply smiles. Thanks to your contribution and the collaboration agreement that we have signed, at Mumbai Smiles we will allocate these funds to rescue girls, boys and their mothers from sexual exploitation. We are very happy to start this new alliance and we will continue working with your support to eradicate human trafficking.


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