A future for Darsha

 In Human trafficking

From Mumbai Smiles, we have been coordinating with the case of Darsha, 7 years old. During many months until last few weeks, she was living with her aunt because her mother, a victim of human trafficking and sexist violence by her previous partner, abandoned her and fled with her current partner, for not wanting to take care of the little girl. .

Darsha’s aunt stayed with the little girl for a while, but since she has 4 children of her own to support, she asked Mumbai Smiles to take care of finding a shelter where they could take in the little girl and offer her a safe and better life.

Finally, we have managed to get Darsha admitted to the shelter that the NGO Vatsalya Trust manages in the Sanpada in Navi Mumbai. The admission to the shelter should have been done earlier, but due to some cases of COVID-19 in the shelter, the authorities quarantined them while they recovered, and the process was delayed for a few weeks.

Darsha is now receiving a good care which she deserves in this shelter and we hope that she can have a worthy and hopeful future.

Thanks to the people who, with their support of our work, make it possible for us to achieve improvements in the lives of many people and continue to #TransformingFutures.


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