28 more people, from Ukraine, arrive in Spain with the support of Mumbai Smiles

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After 38 hours of travel between Krakow and Madrid, 28 people from Ukraine are now safe and secure from the war. Yesterday afternoon they arrived at the reception center in Pozuelo de Alarcón (Madrid) in the second humanitarian transport that we have organized from Mumbai Smiles. Out of these, 12 are minors, a woman is 8 months pregnant, and there are two families traveling with their pets. Some of these displaced people will continue their journey to other parts of the country, and others become part of the reception program provided by public institutions.
The travel fatigue and emotions have been very intense. Those who have been able to meet their loved ones, like Diana with her friend Ruth, have experienced an exciting moment. But for the most it has been a journey full of memories that they leave behind.
Now is the time to accompany, attend to the needs of these people and follow up on their situation. For the 57 people in total that we have been able to transfer to Spain from Poland, the journey was safe. But for many other people it is not like that.
Just one month after the start of the conflict, UNHCR has announced that this war has already generated 10 million displaced people and 3.5 million refugees. This type of mass displacement is a favorable environment for human trafficking networks to deceive or kidnap their victims. In order to prevent it, from Mumbai Smiles we have carried out an intense work of information and awareness among families, and alert to cases of human trafficking that may occur in the context of this conflict, both on the borders of Ukraine as on arrival in Spain or other countries.
On this occasion, for the 28 people who have arrived in Madrid, this will be their city of stop by for other parts of the country where they have family or friends. In other cases, these families will be located in the different resources provided by the Community of Madrid and the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration.
From Mumbai Smiles we cannot stop thanking the support of those who have made these two humanitarian transports possible. Volunteers in Krakow, Catalonia, Madrid and other parts of Spain, Companies that have supported us financially and materially, Volunteers from Ukraine residing in Spain, in translation and logistics work, Families that have welcomed displaced people, Town halls, institutions and NGOs that have coordinated the reception plan in our country or that have collaborated in caring for the displaced, both in Spain and in Poland. And of course, hundreds of individual people who are collaborating financially and materially with this emergency. To all of them, THANK YOU.
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