23 September: virtual demonstration against human trafficking

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We invite you to the virtual demonstration that will take place against Human Trafficking on September 23. In Mumbai alone, 400,000 women are victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. 180,000 of them are minors.

Trafficking in human beings is a crime and a violation of rights that should not take place in the 21st century. It is estimated that more than 5, 00, 000 people become new victims of trafficking each year around the world, that is one every minute. Most of them are kidnapped to be exploited sexually.  Almost three-quarters of the victims of trafficking detected globally are women.

As we mentioned a few weeks ago in Mumbai Smiles, it has been the women victims of trafficking who have forced us to look beyond Mumbai and expand our action to other areas to try to protect them, report their situation and prevent them from falling into the trap of the exploitation networks that lead them to Mumbai. For this reason, we promote several projects also in Kolkata, Nepal and Bangladesh, all of them focused on getting more women to break the chains of trafficking or avoid being subjected to this type of slavery.

Human trafficking is an unacceptable form of slavery. To break with trafficking, your support is the first step.

Sign our manifesto and support victims and the survivors. 

From Mumbai Smiles we want to denounce the violation of rights suffered by victims of human trafficking. We want to raise awareness that trafficking is unacceptable, to remember that there are solutions to end it and that action is necessary. Improving care for victims, the efforts of institutions and support in access to education cannot wait any longer.

For this, on September 23, the World Day Against Trafficking and Exploitation, we invite you to demonstrate virtually from 5:00p.m.(GMT+1), from your social networks.

Let’s fill up our social networks with messages against human trafficking! To do this, download the VIRTUAL MARCH KIT and post a message of support and report from your Twitter, Facebook or Instagram profile. You can use the hashtag #breakwithtrafficking. We are waiting for you!

Women caught in human trafficking cannot show their faces. If they do, they would be doomed to further abuse and exploitation. You can stand up for them, and contribute to the fight for their freedom and to prevent more people from suffering this scourge.

Sign our manifesto, join the virtual demonstration on September 23 on social networks, and GIVE YOUR SUPPORT FOR THEM.


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