You can use any of these messages to demonstrate next September 23rd, in any social network. Or write your message against trafficking in your own words. Remember to use the hashtag #breakwithtrafficking. Thank you!

  • #HumanTrafficking is an unacceptable form of slavery in the 21st century. Let’s put an end to it. #breakwithtrafficking
  • In #humantrafficking, not only suffer those who are chained to a network of exploitation. Children also endure the violence and abuse suffered by their mothers. #breakwithtrafficking
  • Every year, 500.000 people are trapped in #humantrafficking. Let’s break with this modern form of slavery. #breakwithtrafficking
  • Against #trafficking we need to work on prevention, education and care for victims and survivors. It is necessary to act. #breakwithtrafficking
  • Only in Mumbai, 400.000 girls and women are trapped in #humantrafficking. We need to end this scourge. #breakwithtrafficking
  • #Humantrafficking is a violation of #humanrights. #breakwithtrafficking
  • This #23S I say #breakwithtrafficking for the rights of the victims and survivors.
  • I show my face against #humantrafficking
  • We demand international and coordinated legal, political measures to put an end to this serious social problem, which generates millions in profits for human rights violators. #breakwithtrafficking