“This weekend has been magical.”

“This weekend has been magical.” These are the words in which the founder and General Director of Mumbai Smiles, Jaume Sanllorente, told us how the meeting has been with Agnell, one [...]

An opportunity for Lavanya

Lavanya is 17 years old and lives in Nala Sopara, a town in the Mumbai metropolitan city. Her mother died when she was born, while her older brother was adopted by an her uncle who lived in Goa, [...]

Library on wheels

In October 2019 we inaugurated our Smiling Bus, a project that was established with the objective of reaching sons and daughters of homeless families. Children living in an extreme situation of [...]

A goat has changed Aswini’s life

Aswini lives in Satkhira district, Bangladesh, she is 14 years old and has just overcome one of the worst moments of her life, and to a large extent thanks to the entry of a goat in her life. We [...]