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In October 2019 we inaugurated our Smiling Bus, a project that was established with the objective of reaching sons and daughters of homeless families. Children living in an extreme situation of vulnerability. Some go to school, some don’t, and those who go to school have high rates of absenteeism. These boys and girls usually work to help at home. Begging or collecting scrap metal are some of their main occupations, they also spend many hours alone, since their families cannot take care of them as required. They are exposed to addictions and many dangers, but especially to being victims of trafficking and exploitation networks. It was precisely the mission of offering a safer, healthier life with opportunities through the our Smiling Bus.

Today there are more than 40,000 boys and girls who live on the streets in Mumbai and with this project we want to offer them educational support, as well as access to health.

Since 2019 this special bus has worked in this direction: it has offered Life Skills Empowerment activities (development of

skills and educational support) and medical check-ups. Due to the pandemic it had to stopped for a few months, but also due to the pandemic it has been used for the spread of prevention and information on COVID-19.

Today we are happy to announce that it is adding a new activity to its route: “Library on wheels”, a library on wheels that wants to help improve the reading and writing skills of approximately 500 boys and girls from 5 underprivileged areas of Mumbai. With this work we want to help the educational progress of this generation.

On May 6 we inaugurated the project and these weeks we have been carrying out level tests to be able to start it and evaluate its impact, but now it is working at full capacity. With this video we want to explain this new adventure on wheels. #YourSupportIsEducation

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