HAPPY 2021!

 In Mumbai Smiles

As a ritual every year we wait for a word of thought from our leader, General Director and founder, Jaume Sanllorente. This invigorating letter helps us prepare for the new endeavours.

This is a small excerpt from his letter:

The end of a very singular year is coming. Without doubts, and in general terms, the year ending can’t be described as very good. The COVID-19 pandemic’s wave has taken along with it millions of human lives around the globe, as well as countless jobs and livelihood opportunities.

 Being the ending year is an intense, peculiar and challenging one, I want to believe that every storm brings a rainbow, leaving behind a renewed and fresh atmosphere full of peace, clarity of mind, energy and new dreams. 

 As the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo once said, “throw dirt on me and you will see how I flourish”. This sentence could indeed be applicable to Mumbai Smiles.

 From the very beginning of the devastation that COVID-19 was bringing with it, we were very able to react promptly, mobilizing our structure in order to react in the form of emergency work, something we were not used to at all. And we were finally, better or worse, able to do so.

 The experience has been an enriching and learning one for all of us and, once more, a proof of a simple fact: sometimes it is better to move and keep on walking – even if we have to learn from possible mistakes – than remaining motionless.

 The results of that fast reaction can be evaluated as a discovering experience, an immediate response with simple common sense: “if the communities need us now, let’s react quickly as good as we can”

We all have learnt in 2020 that uncertainty is a bigger constant than change and it is a way of life indeed. Let’s be resilient, patient to accept this change. Let’s be willing to embrace the ‘chance’ that each of us have got.

Hope to see you all with us in this new journey to celebrate new achievements and share happiness together at every step.



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