We continue the JAL legacy in Pondicherry

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La Dra. Montser Pérez y Jaume Sanllorente en Pondicherry.

This year we made a commitment to continue the mission of JAL, Leprosy Action Board, and its projects in South India.

An organization with which we have been fortunate to work sharing objectives, for years.

With this collaboration, JAL bequeathed its projects and assets to the Mumbai Smiles, to continue advancing towards a fairer India. The agreement between the two organizations coincides with the phase of geographic expansion of Bombay Smiles in its tenacious fight against human trafficking, one of the most egregious scourges in Asia.

“The time has come to merge with Mumbai Smiles for all intents and purposes. He is an ideal partner. The best! ”, Has affirmed Dr. Montserrat Pérez, soul of JAL, dermatologist and marathon runner, for more than 55 years, and member of our board of trustees.

Especifically, we are developing two projects that will allow us to continue transforming futures in Pondicherry:

Casa Hogar Ayush: this project offers shelter and basic care to 30 homeless elderly people in the city of Pondicherry, who are forced to subsist on the street due to lack of resources and alternatives.

Casa Hogar Shine: since 2017, this house has welcomed children from rural areas near Pondicherry while they undergo cancer treatment at the JIPMER hospital (Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research).

In the words of Jaume Sanllorente, our founder and General Director: “When months ago, Dr. Pérez communicated the decision to me, I wanted to go quickly from the initial surprise to the acceptance of the proposal from the same sense of duty and responsibility that has always accompanied the work of Mumbai Smiles. We assume this new responsibility with the same sense of duty and commitment with which we have worked for the last 16 years. It is a true honor to continue with the responsibility of taking care of the commendable work that JAL has done. developed over so many years with the less advantaged communities of Pondicherry and continue to look, together, for the legitimate interests of the most disadvantaged communities in India, an objective with which both organizations were born. “

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