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Mitali and Anjali are so glad they achieved their goals and pass the exams to study Commerce. Their success is also our happiness! Well done, Mitali and Anjali!

Mumbai Smiles Foundation has successfully completed six years of LSE (Life Skills Empowerment) sessions, touching many lives along the way. These sessions have given hope and strength to many girls and helped them pursue their dreams and shape their lives.

Last week ended on a positive note with Mitali Gaikwad and Anjali Vishwakarma, who were attending LSE sessions in 20017, securing 79 % and 74% respectively in the Commerce stream and passing their HSC (Higher Secondary School) exams with flying colours in face of adversity.

Mitali’s mother was already a part of our MSF family as one of the preschool teachers in Sangharshnagr, Powai. When she got to know that we are starting LSE sessions in their community she immediately enrolled her daughter. Her daughter not only started attending our classes but also insisted her best friend Anjali to come along with her. Though Anjali was not very keen about attending LSE sessions, she realised that her personality is improving positively and then she never missed any of the sessions.

Last week when the HSE results were out, their happiness had no bounds and they were super excited to share their success with their LSE teacher, Prafullata, Field Coordinator of LSE projects.

Their parents expressed their gratitude towards our team’s efforts and contribution in their success. When asked, Mitali said she benefitted from all of the LSE lessons such as communication, decision making and personality development.

Due to the Covid-19 outbreak all the exams were at risk and the students were facing mental pressure. However, Mitali and Anjali proved them by fighting this difficult situation.

While sharing their future plans, Mitali said she wanted to pursue science and wanted to become a doctor but owing to their poor financial condition, she was forced to change her mind and opt for the Commerce stream. Although, now she is very happy with her decision and has started enjoying the Commerce curriculum.

Anjali, on the other hand, always wanted to pursue Commerce and she was excited that she had achieved her first dream and shall now continue on the same path.

The proud parents were very happy for their daughter’s success. On being asked about the girl’s journey, they shared that the family lived in a small house within a joint family of 6 people. Studying and trying to stay focussed through this commotion was challenging and the parents had seen the grit and determination shown by their daughters towards achieving their dreams. The parents also shared that they are confident that these girls would set a great example in their families for others to follow.

We wish good luck to Mitali and Anjali from the Mumbai Smiles family!

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