Rupali: a teacher and a lawyer!

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The story of Rupali makes us proud and you will see why. A story of transformation and success!

Rupali lives in Mumbai and is 39 years old and is part of the Mumbai Smiles team. In fact, she was part of the team first as an assistant and now as a teacher and her husband works in the health department of Mumbai Smiles in India. She also has a 20-year-old son who is studying Electronic Engineering.
As we said, Rupali worked in 2017 and for two years as an assistant in one of the preschools promoted by our organization. Now she is in charge of one of the preschools managed by the teachers themselves. This was her first job after a long period of working as a homemaker and raising her son. Before getting married, she had studied up to twelfth grade, but after her marriage she studied a degree in Fine Arts and took a basic computer course. She also studied English and got trained as a social worker. It was right after that when she joined the Mumbai Smiles team.
But the most fascinating thing began right then. Motivated by the experiences lived with the communities with which we work, in which inequality of opportunities, rights and exclusion are a flagrant reality, she decided to study law.

This period began in 2019 and ended in 2022, which she defines as a very challenging period in terms of financial problems and for balancing between work and studies, which she has not neglected at any time. But everything worked in her favor knowing her as a hard working and motivated woman and helped her so that she could pay for her studies. Just as she appreciates the support of Mumbai Smiles to be able to achieve her dream.

Currently, she feels super grateful and proud for the support. Her perspective about her life has changed tremendously and she attributes this to everything she learned during this period. She understands that she has much more capacity for analysis about the society in which we live.

And of course, she has plans: she wants to do an internship at a law firm and combine it with her work at Mumbai Smiles, because she hasn’t forgotten what drove her to study. “I want to help raise awareness and inform the most vulnerable people in our society about what can be decisive for their lives by going to the root of the problems.”

All of this has happened within the framework of our team and we couldn’t feel more proud. Without a doubt, your training will have a very positive impact on your work and that of the organization as a whole.
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