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The Peralta company renews its collaboration agreement to continue promoting school education

From Mumbai Smiles, we are very excited to announce the renewal of the collaboration agreement of the company PeraltaPrint dedicated since 2003 to the maintenance of street furniture and the placement of advertising on buses, canopies, billboards, billboards and all kinds of advertising media.


Signing of the agreement with Miguel Ángel Peralta, Manager of Peralta Urban Furniture and Advertising, and Jaume Sanllorente, General Director and founder of Mumbai Smiles.

After years of supporting our peaceful fight against poverty and for Human Rights, we renew our commitment to continue hand in hand transforming futures. And we do it through your support to one of our eleven preschool centers, so that a total of 20 boys and girls up to 6 years of age, coming from vulnerable neighborhoods in Mumbai, have access to education, nutritional contributions and health reviews. In addition to being able to be daily, in a safe space, free of threats and out of the sordid day to day of the streets in which they live.

The meeting and signing of the agreement took place at its offices in Barcelona with the presence of Miguel Ángel Peralta, Manager of Peralta Urban Furniture and Advertising, and Jaume Sanllorente, CEO and founder of Sonrisas de Bombay. The result has been an annual agreement to support our preschool education project. Through this alliance, PeraltaPrint will donate 0.80 euros to Sonrisas de Bombay for each bus that is covered during the duration of its contract with the EMT and its possible extensions with a guaranteed minimum of 6,000 euros per year.

From Mumbai Smiles we are very happy to once again revalidate the collaboration agreement, with PeraltaPrint and we hope to continue progressing hand in hand to help girls and boys to escape their harsh reality and prevent them from falling into the networks of human trafficking.

The companies that support us annually allow us to be sustainable and to progress in our mission, in addition to aligning their social responsibility with their values and collaborating directly in a project that changes lives and transforms futures.

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