Meet Carlota Arús, Mumbai Smiles Volunteer

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Today we want you to meet Carlota Arús, a member of the Mumbai Smiles volunteer team. Her vocation for international cooperation has led her to contribute for change, helping her as a volunteer in the Department of International Alliances of Mumbai Smiles. Do you want to know more about Carlota? So let’s go!:

My name is Carlota, I have a degree in Economics, I did a postgraduate degree in culture of peace and a master’s degree in international cooperation. In addition to this, 10 years ago I created with my sister an association in which we do leisure for people with disabilities.

 Since when have you been collaborating with Mumbai Smiles and what is your work?

For a few months I have been collaborating with the Mumbai Smiles project area. I love it because it allows me to get close to all the projects carried out by the NGO. It is also a way to find out more about the reality of so many women and girls in India and to contribute my bit to this great work.

How did you find out about the organization and what led you to become a volunteer?

I learnt about Mumbai Smiles when I was 15 and when I read the Mumbai Smiles book. I was very impressed by the stories and situations that took place in India, as well as Jaume’s courage and strength to get ahead with the project. It has been an inspiration to me. When I finished my master’s degree, I decided to be a volunteer for this project and here I am.

Would you like to travel to Mumbai to learn about the projects of Mumbai Smiles?

I’d love to. It would be a dream come true. I have never been to India and what better way than to go and get to know all the NGO projects.

A message for those who have not yet decided to take the step of collaborating with Mumbai smiles:

Do not delay in collaborating. It can help in a thousand ways, we can all contribute the best of ourselves.

A hug to all of you.

And another huge one for you, Carlota: Thank you for your commitment! We are very lucky.

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